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Nokia Smart TV 65 inch UHD with Sound by Onkyo 2021

Product code  TVSG3PA9HGZGQZRG


Frequently asked questions

  • Eye Protect Plus mode is a picture mode which optimum brightness and contrast to ensure less strain on viewer’s eyes.
  • Yes, this TV supports both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
  • No, front grill of the TV should be cleaned only with dry cloth without using any chemical agent with it.
  • Yes, this TV supports Bluetooth enabled wireless gamepad.
  • Yes, it supports all of the aforementioned applications.
  • DLED
  • This TV works like any other Android device such as Android mobile phones. Please check the memory consumption and number of downloaded apps and clear cache memory timely to improve system performance.
  • Yes, it supports ARC.
  • Netflix is already pre-installed on this TV.
  • Yes, wall mount comes free with Nokia Smart TV. Apart from the wall mount, the stylish metal stand will also come for free.
  • No, it doesn’t support multi tasking.
  • Nokia Smart TV comes with preloaded official apps like Netflix, Prime Video and Youtube, Google Playstore, Google Movie, Google Music, Google Game etc.
  • Official Google Android TV has Google TV Launcher, Google Search and Google Assistant, unrestricted access to Google Playstore and many other features. You will also get access to updates directly from Google. But normal smart TV does not have access to these Google apps.
  • No, It works only when TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi router.
  • Whenever a new version is available, a notification will pop-up on your TV screen or you can also check in settings for system updates for available OTA updates
  • It doesn’t come with any pre-installed web browser, but you can download it via Google play store.
  • It supports any TB external hard drive. i.e. 2,4,10 TB etc.
  • Yes, this TV comes with both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.
  • No application can detect TV’s system specifications. No access is given to external application developers.
  • It is not mandatory to have a stabilizer with this Nokia Smart TV. Use a stabilizer only if the power connection of your house or office is not good enough. Otherwise there is no requirement of any stabilizer.
  • Yes, you can use your mobile hotspot to connect to the TV but it should have good network speed to run smoothly.
  • Only Chromecast is available on this TV. TV won't support Miracast.
  • Please download ES file explorer and explore your USB files through this app.
  • Yes, the TV remote is IR+Bluetooth
  • No, it is not a universal remote and unfortunately it won't work with a set top box. You need to use a separate remote for a set top box.
  • Minimum 40 MBPS speed is sufficient for the smooth performance.
  • t is very easy. You can call us on 080-46331010 or write to and share your order ID details, registered email ID, registered mobile number along with issue description.
  • For the customer convenience, we provide door-step service support to all our customers. Our technicians will visit customer premises for providing the service. Once the customer raises a service request on 080-46331010 or write to
  • The presence of these dots, also known as pixels, is a normal occurrence for all LCD/OLED displays from all manufacturers and is the part of the technology.   These dots are very minute in size compared to the panel and mostly noticeable only under certain specific conditions like when the screen is viewed from a very close distance. During normal viewing conditions where the viewing distance is a minimum of 50cm to 1m, the visibility of these dots is negligible.   Also, please find the below industry standards for the frequency of occurrence of these attributes:   Black dot - maximum count of 7 Complete Bright dot - Zero Partial bright dot - maximum count of 7   Hence, please do not worry, we assure you that the display of your TV is working absolutely fine.

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