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Nokia Smart TV 55 inch 4K UHD with Fire TV built in

Product code  UN55AV210

55 Inch Hero

Frequently asked questions

  • Fire TV offers access to hundreds of thousand HDR titles. Play millions of songs through apps and services such Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify. You can also watch live TV from traditional cable, terrestrial or satellite antenna.
  • You have access to a large selection from the Amazon Appstore (Prime Video, Prime Music, Netflix, YouTube and many more).
  • You need to connect the Nokia Smart TV with Fire TV built in to the internet using a Wi-Fi or LAN cable to enjoy a smart TV experience. To watch live TV broadcasts, it needs to be connected to a satellite or terrestrial antenna, or to a cable network. Please refer to the installation instructions for optional connections, such as audio equipment and USB devices.
  • The Nokia QLED Smart TV works well with a standard internet connection. However, you will have a better experience with a faster internet connection. Please note that the more devices you connect to your home network, the less bandwidth you will have for your Nokia QLED Smart TV.
  • An Amazon account is required in order to have unlimited access to all functions. Prime is not required for this but recommended to enjoy the full experience.
  • Connect an external USB drive to the USB connector of the Nokia Smart TV. Open a multimedia player app and select the file for playback. You can use the pre-installed multimedia player MMP, or install any other player..
  • The quality depends on the media and the input source. Poor image quality could be a result of:•           Watching low-resolution content•           Using a cable that does not support 4K UHD•           Using a source device (DVD or Blu-ray player, receiver etc.) that does not support 4K UHD
  • You can connect audio devices such as headphones and speakers, as well as input devices, such as a keyboard or game controller, to the Nokia Smart TV using Bluetooth.
  • Software updates on the Nokia Smart TV are done automatically. In the case of available updates for installed apps, you will get a notification on the Home screen. Go to the notification and press OK to read it.
  • The warranty period for your Nokia Smart TV is 24 months from the date of purchase.

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Support for this product is provided by StreamView GmbH - a licensee of the Nokia brand. Click the link above to access their support pages.