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Nokia Satellite Receiver 7000

Product code  7000FTA

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Frequently asked questions

  • a) Please check if you selected the HDMI port on your TV where your receiver is connected. b) Please make sure that the HDMI cable is properly connected to the HDMI port of your TV and of your Nokia receiver.
  • You may have selected the wrong input source for the TV. After selecting the correct HDMI port, you will get the signal from the Nokia receiver after a few seconds.
  • The Auto Sleep function is enabled. You can set the time when the receiver is inactive and shall enter auto sleep mode or you can disable the feature. To set the automatic sleep mode, go to the following menu: Settings -> Auto Sleep -> OK.
  • Connect an external USB device to the USB port. Press the Menu button on the remote control and select the Multimedia submenu. Select the type of multimedia file to play (music, photo or movie) and confirm your selection by pressing the OK button. Select the desired file and press the OK button for preview. Press OK again to display the selected file in full screen mode.

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Support for this product is provided by StreamView GmbH - a licensee of the Nokia brand. Click the link above to access their support pages.