Nokia QLED Smart TV 55 inch 4K UHD

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Upgrade your home entertainment. Get stunning colors and sharp contrast and enjoy a rich sound with the Nokia QLED Smart TV 55” with Android TV.

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Pure Android TV experience

Experience a world full of entertainment with your favorite movies, shows and media libraries on the Google Play Store.

Enjoy Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and Prime Video, restart broadcasted TV programs, play games, listen to music and access over 7000 apps.

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Lifelike picture quality

Precise colors and sharper images. Equipped with Quantum Dot technology the Nokia QLED Smart TV creates a broad color spectrum for a lifelike viewing experience.

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True contrast

Watch comfortably in any lighting situation, no matter if the room is bright or dark. The integrated Quantum Dot filter offers you the most brilliant brightness to the deepest dark.

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Dynamic sound quality

The built-in subwoofer adds a rich audio dimension to the on-screen action. It’s designed to produce more saturated tones and a broader range for a highly immersive sound experience.

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Pure design

Round off your interior with the elegant black Nordic style.

The integrated swivel stand enables a perfect viewing experience, no matter where you are in your room.

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Backlit remote

The ergonomic remote control fits snugly in your hand and the backlit buttons make it easy to find the right control, even when the lights are dimmed for cosy evening viewing.

The featured Netflix and YouTube buttons make it easy to switch between these popular apps.

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What’s your mode today?

With 4K UHD resolution and dynamic sound quality, you can get closer to the sporting action, deep in the game, or absorbed in your favorite movie.

The built-in mode selector means you can choose between sports, game or movie to get the best effects.

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Hey Google

Ask your Google Assistant to search for the latest blockbusters, stream your top shows or launch the games you are most excited about.

It’s a faster way to the entertainment you love.

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Chromecast built-in

With built-in Chromecast you easily cast pictures, videos and music from your smartphone, tablet or computer on your big QLED screen. Get your pictures and videos in up to 4K UHD.

Watch precious memories from your last vacation on your TV and relive those moments in dynamic QLED quality.

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Package's contents

  • 1 x Nokia Smart TV
  • 1 x Swivel stand
  • 1 x Bluetooth voice remote control
  • 2 x AAA-Batteries
  • 1 x Quick guide


  1. Manufacturer details

    • Manufacturer

      StreamView GmbH

  2. Smart features

    • Streaming apps:

      Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+ and many more (subscription fees not included)

    • TV media libraries:

      From local to international TV providers

    • Google Play:

      Find many games and apps on Google Play

    • Google Assistant:

      Say "Hey Google" to search for content with your voice

  3. Audio & Video

  4. System & Memory

  5. Ports

  6. Wireless connectivity

  7. Wall-mount

  8. General data

  9. Dimensions


Frequently asked questions

  • You can stream thousands of movies and TV shows, play games, listen to music and access more than 7000 apps from Google Play Store. You can also watch live TV from traditional cable, terrestrial or satellite antenna.
  • Pre-loaded apps include Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Google Movie, Google Music, Google Game, and more.
  • You need to connect the Nokia QLED Smart TV to the internet using a Wi-Fi or LAN cable to enjoy a smart TV experience. To watch live TV broadcasts, it needs to be connected to a satellite or terrestrial antenna, or to a cable network. Please refer to the installation instructions for optional connections, such as audio equipment and USB devices.
  • The Nokia QLED Smart TV works well with a standard internet connection. However, you will have a better experience with a faster internet connection. Please note that the more devices you connect to your home network, the less bandwidth you will have for your Nokia QLED Smart TV.
  • You do not need a Google account, but it’s preferable if you wish to access thousands of apps on Google Play and to use Google Assistant or talk to Google.
  • When you are in the Android Home menu, press the Google Assistant button on the remote control. You can search for content and any information or videos relating to your question will be listed.
  • You need to be logged into a Google account to download apps from Google Play. Press the Home button on the remote control to enter the Home screen and open the Google Play app to start searching and downloading apps to your Nokia QLED Smart TV. If you did not enter a Google Account during first-time installation, you can still add it now. Go to the menu Settings -> Accounts to activate.
  • If you did not enter your Google Account during first-time installation, you can enter it in menu Settings -> Accounts.
  • You can find the Installation instructions for the Nokia QLED Smart TV here.
  • Connect an external USB drive to the USB connector of the Nokia QLED Smart TV. Open a multimedia player app and select the file for playback. You can use the pre-installed multimedia player MMP, or another multimedia player from Google Play Store.
  • Your remote control may not be paired with the Nokia QLED Smart TV. Please go to the menu Settings -> Remotes & Accessories to verify that the Remote control is paired with the TV. To pair it, please select Add accessory -> OK. Pairing will start -> Connecting -> Paired.
  • The quality depends on the media and the input source. Poor image quality could be a result of: •           Watching low-resolution content •           Using a cable that does not support 4K UHD •           Using a source device (DVD or Blu-ray player, receiver etc.) that does not support 4K UHD
  • Press the Source button on the remote control and move to the desired input with the up/down buttons.
  • Go to the menu Settings -> Remotes & Accessories -> Add accessory -> press OK. Pairing will start and connect the Bluetooth device to the Nokia QLED Smart TV.
  • You can connect audio devices such as headphones and speakers, as well as input devices, such as a keyboard or game controller, to the Nokia QLED Smart TV using Bluetooth.
  • Software updates on the Nokia QLED Smart TV are done automatically. In the case of available updates for installed apps, you will get a notification on the Home screen. Go to the notification and press OK to read it.
  • The warranty period for your Nokia QLED Smart TV is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Warranty, user manuals and more

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Support for this product is provided by StreamView GmbH - a licensee of the Nokia brand. Click the link above to access their support pages.