Nokia WiFi authorized reseller policy

Please make sure to only purchase Nokia products from Nokia or one of its authorized Nokia resellers to be sure the entity you are buying from is selling new Nokia products with full warranty and support.


Only Nokia or Nokia authorized resellers deliver new Nokia products that come with Nokia’s full product warranty and support offerings. Non-authorized resellers cannot transfer Nokia warranty and support to their customers.


There are significant risks associated with purchasing Nokia products from an unauthorized reseller. If you purchase Nokia products from an unauthorized source, the product may be previously used, counterfeit, or stolen. Additionally, the Nokia warranty does not cover Nokia products purchased from an unauthorized reseller and Nokia support will not provide service.


Nokia’s authorized resellers include:


Nokia authorized resellers deliver only Nokia products that comply with the local regulatory requirements of, and are certified for use in, the country of purchase. If you purchase Nokia products from an unauthorized reseller, the products might not be suitable for use in your country.

(Updated February 1, 2019). 


For the most recent list of Nokia authorized resellers, please contact